Laser Engraving Pros Fight COVID19, Saves the World!

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Laser Engraving Pros Fight COVID19

We have been laser cutting face shields to combat Coronavirus/COVID19 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Around the clock. It never ends. We are proud to help lead this great nation into a future where US manufacturing is healthy again. It makes me proud to be able to offer services that specifically help our front lines in this wonderful country. Our face shields are cut with PETG.

Laser Engraving Pros Fight COVID19

The Benefits of PETG Plastic

PETG is strong and cost-effective when compared to either acrylic or polycarbonate. PETG is typically food safe and is often used for tupperware containers and beverage bottles. Additionally, it is 100% recyclable material. PETG can tolerate a tremendous amount of pressure without cracking. PETG takes color well during processing, but is naturally clear. It can be injection molded into a variety of shapes, or extruded into sheets. This is ideal for us as we work to mass produce face shields to protect the front lines during this world wide pandemic.

What is PPE? Laser Engraving Pros Fight COVID19

PPE, or personal protective equipment, is anything that we use to protect ourselves. This includes gloves, masks, or face shields. In this time of a world pandemic, Laser Engraving Pros is doing our very best to pump out as many PPE face shields DC as physically possible. While we don’t do gloves, we do face shields. Those are the best protector from COVID19 particles in the air. The thickness we use is between .007 and .016. We cut various patterns of face shield for the federal, state, and local governments; private entities, and private nursing homes throughout the country. Be sure you’re getting the very best personal protective equipment for yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

PPE/Face Shields DC – Laser Engraving Pros Fight COVID19

The most vulnerable parts of the body to Coronavirus are the eyes, nose and mouth. Face shields DC, are the best way to protect those vulnerable areas, and by doing so, protect your whole respiratory system. Anytime someone leaves the home, the best way to prevent infection is to have the most vulnerable entry points protected. Masks have been heavily promoted as the equipment of choice, but face shields are an even better solution because they cover a greater surface area and help keep wearers from touching their face. 

Laser Engraving Pros Fight COVID19 – Social Distance with Masks

The best way to protect yourself in this strange time is to stay home as much as possible. However, when you have to go outside for necessary things like groceries, protect yourself with face shields and masks! Laser Engraving Pros Fight COVID19 by cutting face masks for doctors, nurses, and other front line workers. Help yourself out by getting some for your family today!

Compared to cloth masks, face shields are more durable, protect a larger surface area, and are significantly easier to clean. We can custom make a face shield that fits the size and style you need! Laser Engraving Pros DC should be your first choice in face shields DC as you work to protect your employees, your family, and yourself in this pandemic.

We are in this together and the best way to protect ourselves and our community is having the proper equipment to do so. Reach out to Laser Engraving Pros DC today to get your PPE. Face sheilds DC is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can get you bulk face shields promptly, accurately, and safely. Let’s fight COVID19 together!

Face Shields DC – Help Laser Engraving Pros Fight COVID19!

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