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Engraved Ukuleles and Guitars.

Engraved UkulelesEngraved Ukuleles and Guitars. We love virtually anything made out of wood that we can add a nice etching to. Laser Engraved Ukuleles are awesome and I love the woodgrain on a rosewood or maple guitar neck. I first started playing guitar when I was eight years old, I never imagined that I’d be laser blasting them 20 years later, much less even own lasers. I can easily fit most large dreadnought guitars into my machines but I am always skeptical and not a huge fan of etching a 3,000 dollar taylor (especially a one-off) that’s terrifying. Engraved Ukuleles however fit nicely in my machines and we engrave them well.

laser engraved ukuele richmond vaAs far as Engraved Ukuleles they’re a breeze, especially in larger batches because I can etch twelve at a time or more depending on the size and what they want done to them. I would love to see a higher increase in laser etching Ukuleles in larger batches. The three biggest issues are as follows. #1) The freight cost to ship a Uke. #2) How fragile they can be #3) The packing and unpacking involved with shipping a semi frail instrument. But all of that is beside the point, we do it because it’s awesome and it looks cool. Welcome to the world of Engraved Ukuleles. Send me your Ukes, Guitars, Wooden Necks, Headstocks, Bridgeplates, Tuning Knobs, Pickguards, Acrylic Hardware and anything wood or guitar related and I will get it done. Engraved Ukuleles Rock!

Engraving Ukuleles Custom Wood EngravingWhether it’s quantities of 10, 200 or 2,000 – we are willing to take on the job and get it done properly and in a timely fashion.We enjoy engraving wooden bats, signs, picture frames, clubs, knives, wine barrels, barrel heads and so much more! We specialize in custom engraved products for breweries and wineries!

Laser Engraved Ukuleles with intricate designs pop nicely amongst a world of blank instruments. We even engraved a few for one of Justin Beiber’s bands one time. Engraved Ukuleles are like pieces of art – people go…. “wow” when they see it and usually the first instinct is to touch the Engraved area of the Uke.

Do you need one customized for a loved one? You found the right place!!!

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